Ahna & Alex planned their Sharon Heights Country Club Wedding from across the country on the East Coast where they currently reside with the help of Gina Affrunti of Affrunti Events, although Ahna is through and through a California girl. The day began as she got ready at her parent’s home among family and friends. One of the most remarkable pieces of the day was Ahna’s dress. It’s likely you’ve never seen anything like it since it was handmade by her grandmother for Ahna’s mother’s wedding and then altered for Ahna herself.

The ceremony was held at the Portola Valley Presbyterian Church — an architecturally exquisite church with floor to ceiling glass walls on either end, with the alter overlooking a redwood grove. Following the ceremony, Ahna’s parents surprised her with a horse-drawn carriage–a tribute to her love of horses growing up.

The wedding reception at the Sharon Heights Country Club was fitted out elegantly with the work of the florist: The Petal Company. After their entrance, Ahna and Alex began their first dance to a beautiful acapella performance by the Maid of Honor and transitioned into a wonderful tango performance. After the traditional toasts, the band Pop Fiction Love took the stage and ramped the energy up with contemporary covers. It would be an understatement to say that these guys loved to dance. Check out the proof below:

Sharon Heights Country Club Wedding Photo Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-002 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-003 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-004 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-005 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-006 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-007 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-008 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-009 Portola Valley Presbyterian Chruch Wedding Photo Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-011 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-012 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-013 Portola Valley Presbyterian Church Wedding Photo Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-015 Portola Valley Presbyterian Church Wedding Photo Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-017 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-018 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-019 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-020 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-021 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-022  Sharon Heights Country Club Wedding Photo Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-024 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-025 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-026 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-027 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-028 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-029 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-030 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-031 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-032 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-033 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-034 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-035 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-036 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-037 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-038 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-039 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-040 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-041 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-042 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-043 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-044  Sharon Heights Country Club Wedding Photo Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-046 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-047 Sharon-Heights-Country-Club-Wedding-photo-048  Sharon Heights Country Club Wedding Photo  Sharon Heights Country Club Wedding Photo Sparkler Exit at Sharon Heights Country Club Wedding Photo

Getting-Ready: Private Residence
Hair & Makeup: Anica Stovall
Ceremony Venue: Portola Valley Presbyterian Church
Reception Venue: Sharon Heights Country Club
Wedding Coordinator: Gina Affrunti | Affrunti Events
Florist: The Petal Company
Band: Pop Fiction Love
Videography: Xander B Videography

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