Jenny and Lex’s Saratoga Springs Wedding was an absolute blast. From our first meeting last year I knew they would be an incredibly fun couple to photograph. Their day started at the beautiful Hotel Valencia in Santana Row. Since they were sharing the bus to Saratoga Springs, they decided to blindfold Lex so that they could do the first look on site. The venue itself sits within a grove of redwood trees–a quintessentially picturesque California landscape. The Ceremony itself took place in the Cathedral Grove–a clearing flanked on one side by a flowing creek, and on the other by a beautiful rock wall lined with candles. After the dinner reception on the long oak tables, Jenny and Lex performed a fantastic first dance under the string lights, complete with twirls, dips and lifts which was met with a roaring applause. The party took off from there until the final sparkler exit at the end of the evening. Congratulations again to Jenny and Lex! And thanks for having me along for the ride to photograph such a wonderful event! Here is a set of some of my favorite moments–Enjoy!

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo Hotel Valencia Photo Hotel Valencia Photo Hotel Valencia Photo Hotel Valencia Photo saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-007 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-009 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-010 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-011 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-012 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-014 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-017 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-018 Saratoga Springs Wedding PhotoSaratoga Springs Wedding Photo saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-020 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-021 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-022 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-023 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-025 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-028 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-030 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-031 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-033 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-034 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-035 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-036 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-037 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-038 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-039 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-041 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-042 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-043 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-046 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-047 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-048 saratoga-springs-wedding-photo-049 Sparkler Exit Sparkler Exit

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