Molly & Jon came all the way from the Big Apple to celebrate their Woodside California Wedding at a private estate. The ceremony space and a clearing where their dinner reception was sited were nestled within a beautiful grove of redwoods. As the guests began to arrive, live music by the Brass Monkey Band filled the air. Molly and Jon’s ceremony was intimate and personal. The afternoon continued with cocktail hour and dinner in a clearing near the Sign of the Stork tavern where Molly and Jon entered with great fanfare on a golf cart.  Following some wonderful toasts (including a Seuss-styled poem from the Best Man), the party continued in the tavern where they danced the night away, rounding out this truly quintessential rustic California wedding. I’m really happy to present to you some of my favorite photographs of the day. Enjoy!

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Wedding Venue: Private Estate
Day of Coordinator: Samantha Bryer | Bryerpatch Inc
Pies: Mission Pie
DJ: Sound in Motion
Florist: Repetto’s Greenhouse
Hair: Maison Salon
Makeup: Larkin Clark
Ceremony Music: Brass Monkey Band


I was wondering what estate their wedding was at. I am looking for a redwood grove in the area for my wedding ceremony next summer and would love to check this place out.

Hi Sophia,
Unfortunately the owners of the estate requested that the name of the venue not be disclosed in any materials online so I can’t provide you with that information. However another wedding ceremony I photographed last year took place within a redwood grove at YMCA Camp Campbell:

    Ali & Kelly’s Camp Campbell Wedding

Also you could look into the Berkeley Botanical Gardens — they have a Redwood Amphitheater there as well.

Beautiful photos capturing memories of an awesome celebration!

Beautiful photos and a lovely reminder of a wonderful afternoon!

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