I have been looking forward to Kristin and John’s Julia Morgan Ballroom wedding ever since we sat down and talked about their wedding. As some of my regular readers probably know, I spent over 10 years training as an architect prior to making a plunge into wedding photography full-time. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Kristin, an architect herself, and John were getting married at an architecturally significant landmark in San Francisco. It all seemed too fitting for this *Architect-Turned-Wedding-Photographer. After getting ready at Le Méridien, Kristin and John experienced their first look under the colonnade right next to the hotel. On the way to the Merchants Exchange Building, I got to work with the wedding party along the streets of San Francisco.

The wedding took place within the Merchants Exchange Building (which, by the way, was designed by famous Chicagoan architect, Daniel Burnham). The Atrium Lobby was designed by Julia Morgan as well as the Ballroom, which is named after her. The Lobby, which was already beautifully detailed, was given an accent of softness by the elegant floral work of An Added Touch florist, while the brilliant centerpieces in the Julia Morgan Ballroom complemented the surrounding space perfectly, adding a splash of color. And, of course, the day would probably not have come together as spectacularly and smoothly as it did without the hard work by coordinator Hilary Munday of Hilary Munday Events.

Now, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the decor, but really, when it gets down to it, the weddings I love shooting the most are about people who all just party hard together, let loose and have fun. From the moment they were pronounced Husband and Wife and walked down the aisle together to their grand entrance and beyond, Kristin and John let loose the energy. I could go on about how much fun this group was, but I’d rather you see for yourself in the photos below. Enjoy!

Julia Morgan Ballroom Wedding Photo julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-002 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-003 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-004 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-005 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-006 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-007 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-008 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-009 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-010 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-011 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-012 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-013 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-014 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-015 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-016 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-017 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-018 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-019 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-020 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-021 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-022 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-023 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-024 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-025 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-026 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-027 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-028 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-029 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-030 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-031 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-032 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-033 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-034 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-035 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-036 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-037 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-038 Julia Morgan Ballroom Wedding Photo julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-040 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-041 Julia Morgan Ballroom Wedding Photo Julia Morgan Ballroom Wedding Photo julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-044 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-045 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-046 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-047 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-048 Julia Morgan Ballroom Wedding Photo julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-051 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-052 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-053 julia-morgan-ballroom-wedding-photo-054 Julia Morgan Ballroom Wedding Photo

Wedding Coordinator: Hilary Munday Events
Getting Ready Hotel: Le Méridien San Francisco
Ceremony Venue: Atrium Lobby | Merchants Exchange Building
Reception Venue: The Julia Morgan Ballroom
Hair Stylist: Michelle Promyotin | Pins & Curls
Makeup Artist: Julie Dy
Florist: An Added Touch
DJ: Elite Entertainment
Videographer: Ncompass Cinema
Cake: Sunset Bakery

*Technically I didn’t take the licensing exams but “Un-licensed Architect-Turned -Wedding Photographer” doesn’t have the same pinache….


gorgeous!!! absolutely gorgeous! amazing shots :)

Ha! Thanks Mike! You and Reggie definitely helped make the magic happen. Thanks to both of you for all your hard work!

Ha! Thanks Mike! You and Reggie definitely helped make the magic happen. Thanks to both of you for all your hard work!

Dangit. You totally win. So good.

Your photos are always breathtakingly beautiful. I always look foward to your posts

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