Lahaina Animal Farm Wedding

Katie + Andrew | Maui, Hawaii

Katie & Andrew’s Lahaina Animal Farm Wedding was a very special one for me to photograph–and not just because it gave me an awesome excuse to go to Maui. I’ve known Katie for many years. I met her, in fact, the day after she met Andrew. My jaunt wedding photography began about a year after they met and she’s been one of my biggest fans ever since, occasionally reminding me that when it comes time, I’d be the one to photograph her wedding. How cool is that??  A couple days before the wedding, we did a quick little portrait shoot to fully take advantage of the Maui landscape (and weirdly schizophrenic weather!). The wedding was held at the Lahaina Animal Farm, which sat beautifully on the hills of Lahaina, with views of the mountain in one direction and the Pacific Ocean on the other. All the events took place outside the guesthouse: the ceremony overlooking the ocean; dinner beneath the pavilion as the sun sank below the horizon; and then dancing under the stars. It was such a blast and an honor to photograph Katie and Andrew’s beautiful Maui wedding. Some of my favorites have finally found their way to the blog. Enjoy!

lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-001 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-002 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-003 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-004 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-005 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-006 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-007 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-008 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-009 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-010 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-011 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-012 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-013 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-014 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-015 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-016 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-017 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-018 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-019 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-020 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-021 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-022 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-023 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-024 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-025 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-026 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-027 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-028 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-029 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-030 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-031 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-032 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-033 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-034 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-035 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-036 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-037 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-038 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-039 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-040 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-041 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-042 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-043 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-044 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-045 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-047 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-048 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-049 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-050 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-051 lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-053lahaina-animal-farm-wedding-photo-052

  1. Katie (bride!) says:

    Duy!!!!! I got tears looking at these! All the special moments I either do or don’t remember OR I didn’t get to see!!!!!!! These are BEAUTIFUL! I’m so lucky and thankful that you were there to capture this day for us!

  2. Patti ( Mother-of-the bride) says:

    You have done an absolutely glorious job. Just lovely. Katie and Andrew sure made a wonderful choice in selecting you to capture their wedding. Thank you

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