Joy and Gabe’s Viansa Winery Wedding with a lovely church ceremony at the Saint Francis Solano Church in Sonoma. There were so many little moments I loved throughout the day: Gabe’s little wink as he came down the aisle with his parents tickled me greatly; and I loved that their little boy Jax was the ring bearer and check out his posing in the group shot! But probably one of the most powerful moments I’ve witnessed was Joy’s father getting choked up during his toast. In some ways, I feel that words could not have expressed his emotions better than what was felt as they all stood there together. Hope you enjoy this little slice of the day below!

viansa-winery-wedding-photo-004 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-005 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-006 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-008 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-009 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-010 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-011 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-012 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-013 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-014 Viansa Winery Wedding Photo Viansa Winery Wedding PhotoViansa Winery Wedding Photo viansa-winery-wedding-photo-017 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-018 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-019 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-020 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-021 Viansa Winery Wedding Photo viansa-winery-wedding-photo-025 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-027 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-028 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-029 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-030 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-031 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-032 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-033 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-034 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-035 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-036 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-037 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-038 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-039 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-040 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-041 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-042 viansa-winery-wedding-photo-043 Viansa Winery Wedding Photo

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