After getting ready at their home and the Stanford Court Hotel, Carolyn & Jordan’s Winery SF wedding day kicked off with a first look along the water’s edge on Treasure Island–the SF skyline and the Bay Bridge in the distance. Jordan’s face absolutely lit up when he turned and saw Carolyn. Their ceremony was held on the Great Lawn on Treasure Island before moving indoors to the Winery SF–a wood interior with beautiful wood construction and surrounded by walls of wine barrels made for a rustic canvas and was accented by the floral work of Ginger Leaf Floral. Entering the wedding reception Gangnam Style definitely set the tone for the fun to be had the rest of the evening. Below are some of my favorite moments throughout the day. Enjoy!

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Ceremony Venue: The Great Lawn | Treasure Island
Reception Venue: The Winery SF
Wedding Planner: Adrienne Lee | Tickled Events
Florist: Ginger Leaf Floral
DJ: DJ Big Boy
Cake: Cake Delight


the photos of your lovely wedding were very emotional and kudos to your photographer !
Congratulations on your marriage and may you have happiness forever and ever !

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