For Jenna and Matt’s engagement session in the mission, the words that they used to describe what they wanted were “casual, cute, and playful.” Luckily for me, these are the words I’d use to describe Jenna and Matt as people, because I tend to really love just focusing on people’s personalities (and of course wonderful, wonderful light). Our primary points of interest were San Francisco’s iconic Dolores Park and the Graffiti Street. However, the streets of the Mission District are so rich with texture themselves, that it gave us ample opportunity just walking just a few blocks between the park and the alley. What were some of my favorite photos from the session? I’m glad you asked! I happen to have them right here:

san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-001 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-002 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-003 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-004 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-005 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-006 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-007 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-008 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-009 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-010 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-011 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-012 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-013 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-014 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-015 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-016 san-francisco-engagement-jennamatt-017

Sharon Calimer McGough

lovely as always.

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