I’ve always been a supporter of marriage equality and I’ve recently had the opportunity to put my words into action. When Farrell and Veronica approached me about shooting their wedding next year, I was excited to play a role in the social movement towards equal rights. To be sure, I can’t wait for a time when something like this isn’t a big deal. But for now, it is, and I’m happy to do my part. Congratulations to Farrell and Veronica! I’m looking forward to the wedding in 2014! Until then, here’s some of my favorite photos from their recent engagement session in Golden Gate Park:

golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-001 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-002 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-003 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-004 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-005 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-006 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-007 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-008 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-009 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-010 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-011 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-012 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-013 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-014 golden-gate-park-engagement-farrellveronica-015

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