This is going to be a long post for an extensive wedding celebration. Three celebrations, actually. As a gesture of great respect to their families, Von and Huy took part in three different ceremonies throughout their wedding day. In the morning they had a traditional Vietnamese celebration of gift exchange and Tea Ceremonies at each of the families’ houses. After a brief lunch break, they all headed to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church for a Catholic Ceremony, followed by their evening celebration which was officiated by a close friend and former professor of Huy’s, and allowing the couple to express their own vows at the beautiful Arden Hills Resort. The party then continued in full force once inside the amazing reception hall. The emotional and beautifully designed day was planned and coordinated by Stephanie Teague. Anyway, I assume you didn’t come here for my verbal description of the day. Here are some of my favorite images throughout the day–enjoy!

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Church Ceremony Venue: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
Evening Ceremony & Reception Venue: Arden Hills Resort and Spa
Wedding Planner: Stephanie Teague | Stephanie Teague Events
Floral Designer: Botanica/
Makeup: Shana Beals
Hair: Hana Kim
Band: West Coast Music
Ceremony Musicians: Mersonacta Quartet
Lighting: Extreme Productions
Cake: Ettore’s


Thank you sooo much for remembering to send me your pictures, Huy! The photos are magnificent! What a wonderful day you both had! Keep these memories close to your heart and cherish each other everyday. Having a partner to share life’s ups and downs makes it all worth while when you know that there’s someone that truly loves you! Thank you for letting me share a small part in your happiness!
Rob and I will be on our way to Hawaii on the 5th of celebrate our anniversary and will be back on the 23rd to work. Hopefully I’ll hear from you before the holidays begin. Take care of yourself and your beautiful bride, remember that now you have a wife to cherish and care for.
Aloha Nui Loa,
Laurie Manley

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