When Vi and Bill mentioned they wanted to do their engagement session on Angel Island on a January weekend my first thought would be that I might be doing my first engagement session in the rain. As it turns out, Angel Island has quite a bit of sentimental significance to them because it’s where Bill first proposed to Vi, more specifically near the vista point where you can look back onto our fair city of San Francisco. We had a really fun time exploring the barracks and wandering around a bit between the Vista point and back to the Ferry. Here are a few of my favorite shots throughout the afternoon. Enjoy!

angel-island-engagement-photo-001 angel-island-engagement-photo-002 angel-island-engagement-photo-003 angel-island-engagement-photo-004 angel-island-engagement-photo-005angel-island-engagement-photo-006angel-island-engagement-photo-007 angel-island-engagement-photo-008 angel-island-engagement-photo-009 angel-island-engagement-photo-010 angel-island-engagement-photo-011 angel-island-engagement-photo-013 angel-island-engagement-photo-014 angel-island-engagement-photo-015 angel-island-engagement-photo-016

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