Thanh and Y were really interested in finding a setting for their portraits that was unlike their engagement session, which was shot in the beautiful Sutro Heights Park. So instead of a park, we shot in a parking garage, which gave us some pretty unique photos in addition to using some of the spaces in and around the Cypress Hotel in Cupertino where we started the day.

After their first look and portraits we headed over to the Saratoga Foothill Club, a beautiful little building designed by the renowned San Francisco architect Julia Morgan. The details were elegant and fun, like the little sweets bar at the front entrance flowing over with candies and cupcakes. At the end of the night I helped myself to a delicious little salt water taffy.

 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-001 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-002 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-003 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-004 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-005 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-006 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-007 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-008 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-009 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-010 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-011 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-012 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-013 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-014 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-015 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-016 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-017 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-018 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-019 saratoga-foothill-club-wedding-photo-020

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