It’s hard for me to describe the mix of anxious and immense joy that seemed almost palpable the morning that I arrived at the Clift to photograph Adrienne and Nikki getting ready for their wedding. But one thing was certain, the love between the two and their surrounding friends and family created such a wonderful atmosphere of warmth and excitement. I think my favorite moment was when they had their first look. Typically I arrange for the groom to not see his bride until the last moment, but with two brides getting ready in the same suite but in different rooms, we were able to use the dividing door as a way to allow them both to experience the first look. As they turned and saw each other fully dressed in their gowns, their expressions as they took it all in was priceless. From there we went to San Francisco City Hall for some portraits and their intimate ceremony on the beautiful 4th floor balcony with close friends and family. Some of my favorite images are below…. Enjoy!


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