The historic Great American Music Hall is a beautifully ornate theater that has been graced by the presence of many famous bands, including the Grateful Dead, and, for one night only, Rebecca and Geoff. Their ceremony was held at the Shakespeare Gardens in Golden Gate Park, a quiet little gem in the midst of San Francisco’s largest public park space. A close friend, Dan, serenaded them with acoustic offerings of the Beatles and the Grateful Dead, with Rebecca and her Parents walking in with “Here Comes the Sun.” After a few portraits after the ceremony, Dan gave an impromptu performance as the shuttle bus reached the Great American Music Hall, singing Social Distortion’s “Ball and Chain” with full choral accompaniment (and laughter) of all aboard.

With the Michael LaMacchia Band on stage performing during dinner and dancing, the reception felt like an upscale, yet casual dinner-concert. My favorite part of the night was probably photographing the Hora with the theater lights on and the band performing live. Of course, I came away with a few other favorite shots as well, as you can see below.

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Hotel (Getting Ready & First Look): The Clift Hotel
Ceremony Venue: Shakespeare Gardens in Golden Gate Park
Reception Venue: Great American Music Hall
Hair/Makeup: Sherrie Long
Bride’s Headpiece: Lindsay Marie Bridal
Florist: Yuliya | Flowers of the Valley
Desserts: Dianda’s Bakery & Sweet Things


Shakespeare Garden is one of my favorite places, just love this wedding! Thanks for sharing.

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