Four Seasons Wedding Photo

Four Seasons Wedding

Shannon + Enrique | San Francisco

Wedding photography is often displayed with incredibly vibrant and emotionally loud images. You’ve seen them (and I’ve shared many) — photos of people laughing loudly or energetically racing down the aisle. I love these types of photographs, but I also love the quiet moments. There’s something beautiful about the subtle nature of quiet moments that really capture another side of wedding photography. Instead of sharing the entire wedding story of Shannon and Enrique, I wanted to exhibit a few of my favorite “quiet moments” from their day. Just as a different approach to blogging :)

Shannon and Enrique’s daughter was of course in a number of these little moments, like when Shannon was helping her get dressed.

And I love this photo, as they are riding to the church together and Ava is examining the charm on Shannon’s bouquet which holds a portrait of Shannon’s grandmother in it.

After the ceremony, Shannon and Enrique clutch each other’s hands on their way back to the Four Seasons Hotel.

Toasts are among my favorite times at weddings–people’s feelings get expressed with words that are almost never used day to day. This expression can lead to some powerful reactions. Following the Best Man’s toast, the two embrace and share their love for one another.

And while I’m a big fan of sweeping shots of the first dance, there’s just something about being able to see these little gestures up close and personal.

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