Photographing a Pensacola Beach wedding was probably one of the last things I’d have thought I would ever do when I was a teenager growing up nearby in Pensacola. Let alone photographing the wedding of a close friend’s little sister whom I’ve known since before either of us could legally drive a car. While it goes without saying that I love and appreciate what I get to do for a living, it makes it that much more rewarding and special when I get to spend a weekend with some people I’ve known for more than half my life!

Even though I had only just met Z [Irving], I felt immediately drawn to greet him with a hug. That is more a mark of his character than mine–he just received me in a way that felt so open and welcoming that I instantly felt like I had known him for years as well. Both Lindsey and Z were from Florida, though their careers and lives have brought them all over the map as they go around the world helping people as medical doctors. When planning their wedding they decided to keep the celebrations close to home and chose to have their wedding on the beautiful white sands of Pensacola Beach just outside of Hemingway’s Island Grill.

Suffice it to say when Lindsey wrote me to let me know that they settled on a date and location and they wanted to book me for their wedding, I was honored and thrilled to come back home for the event.

The week leading up to the wedding, the forecast threatened rainy weather for nearly the entire week I’d be in town, including the wedding day itself. However the days before the wedding, the rain seemed to hold off. And continue to hold off even for the rehearsal beach day… Then came the day of the wedding a 100% chance of thunderstorms in the area. The morning and early afternoon looked fairly dreary and threatening. It only got worse as we got into the afternoon hours until torrential rain and strong winds blew through the area. But as luck would have it, it truly just blew through and after about 45 minutes and literally moments before the ceremony was about to begin, the sun began breaking through the clouds and the winds calmed. Event staff and even several guests clamored to set up the chairs for the ceremony. The beach looked beautiful and you could feel the excitement in the air for both the forgiving weather and the wedding itself; the strums and hums of guitar and voice from Kyle, Lindsey’s brother, floated by as Lindsey walked down the aisle with her parents. Nicole, another close family friend from Pensacola performed a beautiful ceremony. Later, as I was working with them on their portraits, the storm-clouds that gave way turned into one of the most beautiful sunset skies that I’ve seen in a very, very long time–the kind that I never see in California, but that I know existed what feels like a lifetime ago back in my old home town.

Afterwards, the reception kicked off with a wonderfully choreographed first dance which foreshadowed the electrifying dancing that was to come. A piñata replaced the tradition of the bouquet toss as gold coin (candies) and a few mini liquor bottles erupted from the dangling papier-mâché cake. The evening was chock full of dancing and closed out with a sparkler exit and a surprise getaway on a boat. If you need photographic corroboration of anything I’ve just described, by all means, please scroll through the following favorites of the day:

Pensacola Beach Wedding at Hemingway's Island Grill pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-002 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-003 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-004 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-005 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-006 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-007 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-008 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-009 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-010 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-011 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-012 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-013 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-014 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-015 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-016 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-017 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-018 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-019 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-020 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-021 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-022 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-023 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-024 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-025 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-026 Pensacola Beach Wedding at Hemingway's Island Grill pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-028 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-029 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-030 Pensacola Beach Wedding Portrait Pensacola Beach Wedding Portrait Pensacola Beach Wedding Portrait Pensacola Beach Wedding Portrait Pensacola Beach Wedding Portrait pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-036 Pensacola Beach Wedding at Hemingway's Island Grill pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-038 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-039 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-040 Pensacola Beach Wedding at Hemingway's Island Grill pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-042 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-043 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-044 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-045 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-046 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-047 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-048 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-049 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-050 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-051 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-052 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-053 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-054 Pensacola Beach Wedding at Hemingway's Island Grill pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-056 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-057 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-058 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-059 Pensacola Beach Wedding at Hemingway's Island Grill pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-061 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-062 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-063 pensacola-beach-wedding-photo-064


Gorgeous pictures. Lindsey, I love the back of your dress. First time I had seen it from the back. Beautiful venue for your wedding.

It was perfect. And Mother Nature splendorous, rainbow included. Blessings from above.

Completely stunning! It's so wonderful to see the emotion of that evening translated into photographs. Well done my friend :-)

Duy, these photos are breathtaking! You truly captured the joy of the occasion!

Thanks Kavita–it was great meeting you!

WHOA!! Duy–so beautiful

I LOVED the narrative in the beginning (was great for someone who didn't attend the wedding) and the pictures are just stunning. You really captured the emotions!

Duy, This is an amazing album of gorgeous photographs!! Thank you so much! Susan

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