Chardonnay Golf Club Wedding Photo by Duy Ho |

Chardonnay Golf Club Wedding

Lorraine + Devin | Napa, California

Lorraine & Devin came all the way from New Jersey for their Chardonnay Golf Club Wedding. It was a gorgeous spring day with just the right amount of cloud coverage for perfect light. It began at the Marriott Springhill Suites in Napa, California. Both Lorraine & Devin prepped with their entourage, each side of the families having separate prayers before moving on to the venue.

One of the coolest things about weddings is the range of energy and emotion. Like going from the quiet process of getting the dress just right and then bursting into celebratory dance immediately after.
Chardonnay Golf Club Wedding Photo The family prayers and blessings were a deeply emotional moment and you can just see it on the faces of all involved. After the priest led the group in a prayer, Lorraine’s family came up to her for individual blessings.  Chardonnay Golf Club Wedding PhotoOnce all arrived at the Chardonnay Golf Club, the family and wedding party retreated briefly before lining up for the ceremony.Chardonnay Golf Club Wedding Photo Chardonnay Golf Club Wedding PhotoLorraine and Devin opted against a first look, instead keeping the moment more traditional. Seeing Devin’s expression as Lorraine approached with her parents was truly priceless.Chardonnay Golf Club Wedding Photo Chardonnay Golf Club Wedding Photo Chardonnay Golf Club Wedding Photo Chardonnay Golf Club Wedding Photo Following the ceremony, we spent a little time as the waning sun sank beneath the hills for portraits. The wedding party lined up with glow sticks, making for a particularly fun and energetic entrance.
The reception was a blend of entertainment including multiple toasts and a few performances by the cousins.  Lorraine and Devin shared their first dance before Lorraine’s cousins came out with a fully choreographed number which kicked off the party for the remainder of the night!

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