Kathryn and David’s Pebble Beach wedding started out at the residence of Kathryn’s grandparents. We got a preview of the reception venue when stopping by to do a first look and some bridal party photographs at the Monterey Peninsula Country Club before heading to the ceremony site: The Church in the Forest, a beautifully crafted structure, nestled in the woods. I was promised loads of dancing by Kathryn when we were going over her wedding day plans and her friends and family did not disappoint. Anyway, I could describe to you how awesome everything looked or you can just scroll down and take a look at some of my favorite shots throughout the day…

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Ceremony Venue: Church in the Forest | Pebble Beach
Reception Venue: Monterey Peninsula Country Club | Pebble Beach
Floral Design: Fionna Floral
Cake: Layers Sensational Cakes
Band: The All Stars


Looks like the wedding of the century! Absolutely beautiful!

What a beautiful collection of photos to remind of us of Kathryn and David's magical wedding! Love em!

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