Farrell and Veronica’s Runnymede Farm Wedding was beautifully designed and coordinated by the team at Alicia K Designs. Their vision mixed art and nature beautifully, playing off the mix of sculptures set within a picturesque landscape. Farrell and Veronica loved having the sculptures to play off of when we went around the property for their portraits and it felt a bit like an art project for me as well to figure out how to mix them into the artwork in a way that fit with the larger structures. Their ceremony was held by the Bell sculpture, with the cocktail hour and dinner around the pool, with guests seated along two long, communal tables which were meticulously arranged with a melange of floral variety. The barn, where the celebration continued, gave guests the choice of dancing, lounging, or partaking in the making and devouring of s’mores (or most likely, some combination of all three). Here’s a collection of my favorite photographs of the day. Enjoy!

runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-001 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-002 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-003 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-004 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-005 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-006runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-019runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-020runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-014runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-022runnymede-farm-wedding-detail-photo-001 runnymede-farm-wedding-detail-photo-002runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-006b runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-007 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-008 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-009 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-010 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-011 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-012 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-013runnymede-farm-wedding-detail-photo-003 runnymede-farm-wedding-detail-photo-004 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-015 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-016 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-017 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-018 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-021 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-023 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-024 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-025 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-026 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-027 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-028 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-030 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-031 runnymede-farm-wedding-photo-032

Venue: Runnymede Sculpture Farm
Event Designer/Planner: Alicia K Designs
Florist: Ryan Keys | Alicia K Designs
Hair/Makeup: Bahareh Nikbakht
Catering: El Coqui Puerto Rican Cuisine
Cake: Cake Coquette
Photobooth: Nstabooth



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