I had a fun time recently photographing Susan, Mike and Coley. I like to think that it’s because I’m such an interesting human being that Coley was initially quite fascinated by my presence. But it may very well just be the fact that I was an unfamiliar face. Regardless, his attentiveness certainly made for some adorable photos as he was fixated at the lens of my camera. Here are some of my favorites from the family sesion. Enjoy!

san-francisco-family-portraits-001 san-francisco-family-portraits-002 san-francisco-family-portraits-003 san-francisco-family-portraits-004 san-francisco-family-portraits-005 san-francisco-family-portraits-006 san-francisco-family-portraits-007 san-francisco-family-portraits-008 san-francisco-family-portraits-009 san-francisco-family-portraits-010 san-francisco-family-portraits-011

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