About Duy

Duy (pronounced yē) is an *accomplished Bay Area wedding photographer based in San Francisco with roots in architecture and design. He received his Masters of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design before terrifying his parents by choosing to leave behind 13 years of training to pursue photography full time. He has an insatiable hunger for travel and Golden Boy pizza. He sometimes speaks in third person so it feels less weird to write about himself.

Plot twist! It's me, Duy.

*I consider writing this content to be an accomplishment

Odds & Ends

• I have an unquenchable thirst for Diet Coke and iced coffee (though not at the same time).

• My go-to big boy drink is an Old-Fashioned.

• I think Golden Boy has the best pizza in town.

• I really miss Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report.

• Whenever I see someone running for the bus, I root for them.

• Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite ice cream flavor.

• I drop my phone on my face at least once a week while reading in bed.

• I think Rogue One is at least the second best Star Wars movie ever.

• Jar-Jar should have never been conceived. This is not an opinion.

• I used to perform trumpet solos in front of a stadium full of high schoolers in the marching band while wearing a feather-plumed hat throughout high school. To offset peak band-nerd status, I performed John Lennon’s Imagine in front of a couple hundred classmates. I was good. There is no footage to confirm this, however.

• I typically “discover” songs a couple years after they were initially popular.

• I’d argue in terms of story-telling and writing, Breaking Bad is better than Game of Thrones (confirmed now that it is over). But GoT has Daenarys. And I love her (yes, even still).