Artist's Statement

"I wanna be MacGuyver"

Actually, I'm not an artist. At least I don't really think of myself as one. I do consider myself a craftsman, and photography is my craft. Ever since I picked up my first camera and started playing, I was pretty much hooked. I scoured the internet for instructions, tutorials, concepts, and anything I could sink my teeth into.

Over the years, I've continued to be a student of this craft. When I'm not creating images for clients, I am always finding or creating opportunities to create photographs for myself. I whole-heartedly believe that pursuing multiple disciplines of photography will only help me be better equipped to work under a variety of circumstances, and that true creativity comes from knowing how to adapt to situations through problem solving and leveraging your technical know-how.

You know... like MacGuyver.

When I am not working, I am contemplating my next big adventure.

Travel brings me joy, knowledge, and empathy

Oh, the places I've been...

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• I have an unquenchable thirst for Diet Coke and iced coffee (though not at the same time).

• My go-to big boy drink is an Old-Fashioned.

• I think Golden Boy has the best pizza in town.

• I really miss Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report.

• Whenever I see someone running for the bus, I root for them.

• Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite ice cream flavor.

• I drop my phone on my face at least once a week while reading in bed.

• I think Rogue One is at least the second best Star Wars movie ever.

• Jar-Jar should have never been conceived. This is not an opinion.

• I used to perform trumpet solos in front of a stadium full of high schoolers in the marching band while wearing a feather-plumed hat throughout high school. To offset peak band-nerd status, I performed John Lennon’s Imagine in front of a couple hundred classmates. I was good. There is no footage to confirm this, however.

• I typically “discover” songs a couple years after they were initially popular.

• I’d argue in terms of story-telling and writing, Breaking Bad is better than Game of Thrones (confirmed now that it is over). But GoT has Daenerys. And I love her (yes, even still).