The Collective Wander is a group trip experience for creatives that was conceived by my friend Danny Klimetz. The general idea is to get a group of creatives together and travel for both exploration and inspiration. In 2018 we went to Iceland (I celebrated my birthday there). This had been a dream destination of mine for a while so I was super excited to go. I lugged a good chunk of gear with me knowing that we’d be traveling by car once we arrived. Our first stop was the Blue Lagoon straight from the airport–no photos of this though since I didn’t want to carry my camera gear out into the water. But trust me, it’s worth going.

The next stop was Reykjavik for a night before we hit the road towards the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Along the way we made a couple stops along the road–some planned some unplanned–to see the coastline with an abandoned ship, wild horses, and just random gorgeous landscapes. After a couple days exploring the peninsula we drove south towards Vik and explored that area including Black Sand Beach, a few waterfalls I can’t pronounce or spell and the Glacial Lagoon and Diamond Beach, where there were huge ice chunks along the coastline.

I can’t recommend visiting enough and I hope to one day go back during the warmer season (though it was incredible and other-worldly in the winter).