The day after the 2018 Fearless Conference in Puerto Rico, I (along with my friends Danny Klimetz, Amy Little, Lisa Hibbert, Alicia Kidd, Paul Gandy, Lauren Lindley, and Nicky Byrnes) volunteered our time to document some of the work of All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response in Puerto Rico. They provide disaster relief around the world to help communities rebuild. In Puerto Rico, they were still working to restore power and rebuild roofs after the damage caused by Hurricane Maria. These images are from the Yabucoa work region. Most of the work being done in the sites we visited were focused on the roofs of homes.

Special thanks to the prolific Danny Klimetz, whose mind is constantly churning and creating and thought to seek out an organization with which we could partner with to help out. Here are a few of the images that I took that day. These photographs and others were shared with All Hands and Hearts for their unlimited use to promote their cause and hopefully receive more attention and funding to continue the much needed work that remains. To learn more about All Hands and Hearts, visit their website: