How far in advanced should we book you?

For Weddings, I book first come, first serve. I get inquiries anywhere from 3 months before a wedding to a full year before. For portraits, I typically book 3-6 weeks before the intended portrait session. You can check my availability by filling out a contact form. If I'm available, I'm definitely happy to talk about it!

What is required for booking?

To reserve a date, I simply require a signed contract and $2000 retainer. Wedding Collections can also be upgraded to include additional coverage or products at any point after the date is reserved.

I never know what to do in front of the camera. Can you help me? And what do I do with my hands?

I'd say the majority of people are not at their most natural state of relaxation when a giant DSLR is pointed at them. The remedy to this is really a few different things. First of all, it's important for you to trust me to get you at your best. The sessions should feel more like us hanging out and as we go, you'll definitely start to feel more relaxed with the process. Second thing is the posing – well, more like loose direction – I'll guide you on where to look and how to roughly position yourself so you can fall into a natural stance or pose while still being able to feel and look like yourself. This is done carefully with other aspects such as lighting and composition in mind (and obviously you don't need to worry about this part).

Do you charge a travel fee?

Travel fees vary based on location. Locations within an hour's drive from San Francisco are considered local. For destination weddings, the fee is dependent on location but roughly would cover airfare, two nights accommodation, and car-rental.

What's the deal with sales tax?

Under California State laws, sales tax on the entire package is required for clients who are California residents and are offered any tangible product from the event/session. This includes prints, albums and even USB drives with files on them.

Do you take formal group photos?

Absolutely! I think having a record of your close family at weddings is critically important and will certainly help you with that aspect of the wedding day.

I really love this picture I saw on Pinterest! Can you do that?

Generally speaking, my strongest work will typically come from my own vision. However, I take all requests under consideration and sometimes will find a way to incorporate an inspirational image into something more fresh for you.

Do I get the files? How many?

Wedding clients will receive all edited high-res JPGs with printing rights. The number of photos varies based on (among other things) how many hours I am photographing / the activities at the time of photography / access to various opportunities / etc. In general, though, I estimate I typically deliver roughly 75-100 photos per hour of coverage. For an 8 hour day, you could expect somewhere between 600-800 photos.

What is the difference between copyright and printing rights? And which do I get?

Copyright, which I retain after the commission, is what allows me to use the photographs for my portfolio, blog, online publications, etc. Printing rights, which you receive, allows you to use the files delivered to print at your own vendor or at home.

How exactly is "Duy" pronounced?

If you imagine my name with all new letters it would look (and sound) like "YEE." I know, it's confusing ... unless you're Vietnamese.