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Zia + Coley

Wedding at Runnymede Sculpture Garden

After I first met Zia, I was fairly confident that this Runnymede Farm wedding was going to be amazing. Her careful attention to detail and fine, modern taste juxtaposed with a rustic farm and sculpture garden was a sure recipe for a uniquely beautiful day. Drawing in elements from both the Far East and the West, Zia and Coley made sure that their family and friends from around the globe would feel welcome and well-received at their casual, yet polished celebration. But you didn’t come here for my verbal description of the day…

Venue: Runnymede Farm & Sculpture Garden
Wedding Coordinator: Nelle Donaldson of ZahZoom Wedding & Parties
Flowers: Chestnut & Vine
Wedding Gown: Jin Wang
Hair and Makeup: Persia Matine of Fabulous Face Hair & Makeup
Cake: Cheeserounds from the Zia & Coley, decorated by Chestnut & Vine