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Lindsey + John

Arista Winery Wedding | Healdsburg, CA

Lindsey and John made their trip out from Texas to have their beautiful Arista Winery wedding in Healdsburg, California. I have only had a few couples with large wedding parties and there’s something really wonderful about seeing a large, but incredibly tight-knit group of people. The party of twenty-two made up a core of a delightful community, mostly from Texas that joined in the festivities. The day was filled with some incredibly emotional moments, but the one that stuck out the most to me was when Lindsey’s father saw her for the first time as a bride. His reaction, and those of the onlooking bridesmaids immediately, uh, flared up my allergies. I was also touched when John’s mother came out to greet him as he stepped off the shuttle bus with his entourage in tow at Arista Winery. John’s look as Lindsey was approaching down the aisle was absolutely priceless. The ceremony itself drew tears from the guests and the wedding party as the couple shared their vows. A particularly lovely touch to their wedding day was seeing the guests transition from the cocktail hour, up the hill to the reception. On a gorgeous August afternoon, the sun was shining through a partly cloudy sky, further creating a painterly element to an already picturesque landscape. I could go on and on but I’ll leave you with my favorite photos from the Lindsey and John’s Arista Winery wedding…. check them out below!