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Deepa + Vijay

Mirage Banquet Hall Wedding | Sacramento, California

Deepa and Vijay’s Mirage Banquet Hall wedding was an incredible marathon of celebration. Indian weddings are incredibly energetic, colorful, and remarkably fun to document. I was so thrilled when Deepa and Vijay decided to move forward with me and work together on their wedding celebrations. The first day began with Deepa’s Mehndi: a quiet, yet beautiful prologue to the events to come. Later in the evening she had her Maiyaan ceremony, which was covered by my very good friend and fellow photographer Russell Edwards (who also helped me out on the day of the wedding as well). Meanwhile I was with Vijay as he had his Jago ceremony at the Flamingo Banquet Hall in Sacramento with friends and his side of the family. The following evening, Deepa’s uncles helped her with her bangles and she had her Jago and Sangeet in the Grand Palace at the Four Points Sheraton. The following day started before the crack of dawn, as Deepa got ready at her parent’s home and Vijay at his. Surrounded by family and loved ones, as they put on their wedding attire, in preparation for the ceremony at the Sikh Temple in West Sacramento.

At the Sikh Temple, Vijay’s family entered and began with the Milni, where the men of each family exchanged garlands. Vijay also had to bribe the sisters and friends of Deepa to gain entrance into the Langar hall. The ceremony itself was solemn and beautiful, and was when Deepa & Vijay saw each other for the first time in a few days! Following the ceremony and lunch, the newly-weds made their way to the vintage Rolls Royce, where Deepa’s family symbolically says their goodbyes and sends them on their way, and the men in Deepa’s family help push the car off. Vijay’s family then welcomed their new daughter into their home before the evening continued at the Mirage Banquet Hall wedding reception.

Regal and classic are the words that come to mind upon entering the ballroom. Elegantly designed by Amrit Dhillon-Bains of Anaïs Event Planning & Design, and lit beautifully by the magicians of Wicked Entertainment, the ballroom was a sight to behold. And with all the ceremonies completed, the time for partying was upon us. Below are some of my favorite photos from throughout the entire event. Hope you enjoy!