At the end of 2017, I traveled to Nepal with my good friend and fellow photographer Lisa Stone. We spent most of our time in Kathmandu, which was an incredibly frenetic city. During our stay, we visited numerous temples and historical sites – many of which were still badly damaged and under repair from the tragic earthquake that struck the city in 2015. After a few days in Kathmandu, we had a driver take us to Pokhara. It was supposed to be a 4-5 hr drive, but ended up taking closer to 9 or 10… and inducing a bit of car-sickness with the windy roads on the sides of mountains with oncoming traffic barreling past.

Pokhara is a quieter town that many visit on their way to begin treks into the mountains. We only did a couple small hikes while there, but enjoyed a bit of rest from the intensity of staying in Kathmandu. And after a few days, we flew back to Kathmandu for another full day to see some other sites we missed before beginning our long journey back to the states.