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My goal is to find a small number of individuals who are interested in working with me on a very regular basis and establish a working relationship that I can count on to work under my brand. For now I am seeking regular Assistants and Second Photographers to join my team who are willing to commit to being available to me in exchange for my personal attention and commitment to help you become an even better photographer so that the arrangement is mutually beneficial.  Eventually I would like to add Associate Photographers under my brand to work weddings on their own, but we can save that discussion for another time. While I appreciate that many have their own style and taste, my preference is that you understand and aspire to create images that "fit" within a set that I create. This doesn't mean I need you to mechanically mimic me, but rather focus on similar aesthetics & values that drive my work. It also means that I will regularly critique your work to help develop your skills as a photographer so you can better understand light, moment and composition to the best of my ability. Below are the roles and responsibilities of the positions I am wanting to establish:

Assistant / Third Photographer

You will primarily be responsible for logistics such as managing equipment, setting up lights, and occasionally working on assignments that are specifically intended to train your eye, understanding of light and composition, and other technical abilities. After each wedding, I will schedule a time for us to review your assignment and talk about what you can improve on and what you did well. The goal of this role is to make you ready to be a second photographer.

Second Photographer

You will primarily be responsible for coverage of guys getting ready, ceremony/reception details (when I cannot), and possibly arranged group photos of the guys. You may have specific assignments during the wedding but I also want to give you the freedom to approach things from your perspective. However I may have specific guidelines that I'd want you to follow at least for your first go at a given scene before going buck wild. For every month we work together, I'd like to get together to review the work we've done and talk about how things can improve, where specific aspects of your work may deviate from the main brand or where my brand could see improvement based on your contribution. Eventually I would be interested in having you evolve into an associate or possibly partner so that we can provide consistent quality service to our clients. Compensation will be provided at industry standard rates with potential for higher rates.