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Jennie + Ryan

Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club Wedding

Jennie & Ryan’s Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club wedding kicked off with an intimate Vietnamese tea ceremony. After Jennie got ready in the bridal room, Ryan arrived with his family to present gifts & offerings to Jennie’s family. Jennie and her mother then entered and accepted the gifts. Following this opening tradition, both Jennie & Ryan paid respect to their elder family members by pouring tea, and receiving jewelry, red envelopes, and kind words in exchange.

After the tea ceremony, Jennie & Ryan parted ways for a little while as they got dressed in their western wedding attire. They decided they wanted to do a first look at the nearby Old Mill Park before the western ceremony. So we found a little spot where they could share that precious moment. Family & friends gathered for some formal portraits in the park before we headed back to the Outdoor Art Club for the ceremony.

The ceremony was short and very sweet. Guests sat under the shade of trees in the back patio, finding a little shelter from the summer heat, listening intently as Jennie & Ryan shared their vows. Laughter and some joyful tears were shed as the couple reminisced and made promises for their future together.

Following the ceremony, we took care of the ever-important family formals and stole some time to get some more portraits of Jennie and Ryan by themselves–now officially husband and wife.

The newlyweds entered their reception to cheers and fanfare, weaving their way through all the tables to get to the stage, where they would enjoy dinner and toasts from family and friends.

And a couple performances by Jennie’s niece and nephew on the grand piano on the stage.

Later in the evening, Jennie and Ryan changed back into their traditional outfits for a first dance, finishing the night of their Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club wedding on the dance floor.