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Maryam + Marcus

Piedmont Community Hall Wedding | Oakland, California

Maryam & Marcus’ Piedmont Community Hall Wedding day kicked off at their own home in the East Bay. Somewhat of a tricky endeavor as they didn’t want to see each other until Maryam was walking down the aisle! But with Marcus sequestered to his man-cave and Maryam in the main living space getting her hair and makeup prepped, it all worked out fine. From there, we headed to the Piedmont Community Hall, a lovely little community hall that makes for quite a nice, diverse location for their ceremony and reception. The ceremony was nested among the redwoods with the sun peaking through, which made for some beautiful light and texture as Maryam and Marcus recited their personal vows to each other. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd after Marcus spoke aloud the words he carefully crafted.

As the sun sank, the light of the candles and cafe lighting created a romantic atmosphere under the night sky. After dinner, the newlyweds made their rounds on the terrace to greet each table, imbibing a glass of wine (and maybe a shot or two) along the way. Following a handful of adoring toasts reminiscing upon old childhood memories, or stories of Maryam’s time in the Peace Corps, we moved into the Community Hall to kick off the dancing with Maryam and Marcus’s first dance as husband and wife. After a couple hours of partying and informal karaoke, the remaining guests swirled around Maryam and Marcus as they danced their last dance of the night.

tl;dr? Here are some photos from Maryam and Marcus’s Piedmont Community Hall wedding :)