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2015 Engagement Photos


Happy 2016, folks! This past year was my fifth year as a professional photographer and for the past couple years I’ve always spent some time looking back and picking out some of my favorite photos from the year. 2015 was another wonderful season and I met a bunch of awesome people and got to even go out to New York for a shoot. For couples getting married, it’s an incredible way of getting more comfortable in front of the camera, trying out a makeup artist, and just getting to know your photographer. For those who are married or just want to have a way to get some killer portraits or have some fun while recording a moment in time of people’s relationship, a couple’s portrait session has a similar feel and approach. I usually have a mix of engagement sessions and portrait sessions for couples who are already married, and this year is no different. Here are some of my favorite couples portraits and engagement photos from 2015. Enjoy!