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Banff & Beyond

Travel Photography | Canada

I’m very happy to announce the launching of my new on-line print store where you can purchase some of the work featured in the “Personal” portfolio. You can visit the store by clicking here to buy some Banff landscape photography:

Some of the photographs that will be made available immediately were taken on a recent trip to the Canadia Rockies in Alberta, Canada. My good friend Russell, another photographer, and I spent the entire time in search of breath-taking scenes to photograph in addition to just immersing ourselves in the natural landscapes of Banff and Jasper National Park. Many of our hikes and stops began near larger groups of tourists and sight-seers but as we moved in deeper on the trails, the crowds lessened until there were virtually no other visitors in the area. We took advantage of the quiet isolation to capture some of the beauty that surrounded us. Don’t forget to head over to the web store and check out more of the work from this trip as well as selections from NYC, Maui, and the Grand Canyon.